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Innovative Leadership International LLC is a woman-owned coaching company. 

We are a world-class team of executive coaches connected to an expansive global network of vetted, top notch colleagues to best serve the coaching needs of any size organization on any continent.

We support world-changing leaders with a socially responsible corporate mission to have a profound shift in their leadership performance, thus amplifying and accelerating their impact in/on the business, the world, and their legacy.


Since 1993 we have had a profound impact on leaders and their organizations' success.

Our best clients are those executives and leaders who are highly intelligent and mission-driven, leading in a fast-paced, chaotic, or complex environment where the stakes are high.

Our key areas of expertise are leadership development, executive development, business development, team and culture development, sustainable transformation, and innovative influence.


We help leaders and executives find clarity in chaos, resolve leadership challenges, navigate internal politics and manage strategic relationships, whether managing upwards or cultivating allies or empowering, motivating, and delegating effectively to employees.  We serve as a strategic sounding board for any leadership issues that arise, and we customize our support in real time, adjusting with you as you grow.

Our firm specializes in leadership development through executive coaching, team/group coaching, and customized training.  Innovative Leadership's executive coaches provide a personal approach to organizational transformation by focusing on action planning and follow-through, as well as goal and vision achievement. 


Our facilitators and trainers design and implement meetings to develop your employees' skills in these core areas:


  • Leadership

  • Diversity

  • Building effective teams

  • Strategic planning

  • Powerful presentation skills

  • Group process

  • Sales/Marketing

  • Individual performance effectiveness   

    • communication

    • problem solving

    • interpersonal business relationships

    • structures for accountability


Philosophy:  Service, Support, Profound Impact

Our coaching is grounded in ethical best practices recognized internationally for their effectiveness in guiding clients to achieve their goals.  Professional and personal integrity is our highest value. Everything we do is in service to and support of our clients' needs, and we have a profound impact on those objectives that matter most to our clients. Our training is designed to create a learning environment for the participants that is grounded in adult learning methodologies and crafted to promote discovery, engage them in educational dialogue, and develop new skills while strengthening old ones. Our leading coaches are focused on bringing applied knowledge and benchmarks of excellence to your organization and assisting clients in designing and implementing strategies that fulfill the organization's objectives. Our commitment is to exceed our clients' expectations while providing superior quality coaching services.



Statement of Confidentiality


All staff and consultants that work with Innovative Leadership International LLC on your behalf will be held to the highest standard of confidentiality of all documents, personnel, and conversations held throughout and after the duration of our professional relationship with your organization.

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