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Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

As a leader, having a trusted thought-partner and sounding board dramatically increases your overall effectiveness and ability to deliver impactful results now.
Innovative Leadership International LLC
Respected. Strategic. Results-Oriented. Exemplary.


You have a lot on your plate. You are simultaneously driving your career, your organization's strategy, your direct reports' results, your customer's needs, your team's development, the stakeholders, the media, the Board, and many competing commitments, all while navigating the political landscape of your organization. 


  • Would it serve you to have a trusted strategic thought partner and sounding board who is focused on your agenda, your needs, and your results?


  • Who do you turn to when you want to identify and reframe unconscious assumptions, biases and limiting beliefs, or think through conversational strategies to influence a key player more effectively?


  • Who helps you strategize how to create alignment for your ideas to be accepted throughout the organization?


  • Who do you talk to in order to prepare for a conversation with a difficult employee, peer, or boss?


  • Do you know how to manage upwards in your organization?


  • Do you know how you're perceived and if it's aligned with your intended personal brand? 


  • Are you succeeding in navigating the obstacles of leadership?


  • Who is supporting you to achieve results in the initiatives that matter most? 


  • Do you have the right advocates, allies and champions?


  • Where do you go to talk strategy for your team, your career, your organization, your advancement, your impact, your influence, your leadership?


Innovative Leadership International specializes in Executive Coaching and Leadership Development that helps you find clarity in the midst of chaos, define desired outcomes based on that clarity, and take the steps required to realize your vision.

Bottom line...we help you accelerate and deepen your impact.


Innovative Influence. Remarkable Contribution. Extraordinary Impact. Deep Value.


Our aggregate professional experience spans 325+ years of coaching leaders and teams in over 1150 organizations internationally across Government Agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and private sector clients, including Fortune 100 and corporate law departments.  Differentiators are the deep insights and reality check benchmarking from our master coaches to support you as a star leader.


Our streamlined and propietary approach to Executive Coaching is customized to each executive's goals and challenges.  The majority of our clients are senior executives (Director level and up), C-suite leaders, PhD scientist leaders, and Attorneys.


If you are an executive or leader who is accountable for strategic and high visibility iniatives and results, an executive coach will support you in ensuring that your leadership competencies are sufficient to succeed. 


We would be honored to discuss how you can benefit from having your own trusted strategic thought-partner.

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Transform Organizational Results Across Leadership Tiers

Innovative Leadership International LLC
Customized Team and Group Coaching across the top three tiers of leadership in any organization accelerates impact and transforms results.


Today’s organizations have tried training, mentoring, and coaching their managers and leaders with mixed results. Intervening at the individual leader level can have powerful impact, however it takes a great deal of time to transform an individual from a master in his or her area of subject matter expertise into a strong manager or leader. The skills and strengths required for effective leadership are often not the skills and strengths that have been the secret to that leader’s success up to this point.


LEAP Tiered Coaching solves this issue, and provides an accelerated, sustainable and consistent coaching approach for any type of organization. The Leadership Excellence & Alignment Program (LEAP) maximizes the talents of master executive coaches cost-effectively across the organization, allowing you to provide executive coaching to the entire leadership.  


Another problem organizations face is not having access to a vetted cadre of proven coaching experts.  The LEAP system solves that problem by giving you a coordinated team of great master coaches, so you are never lacking expert resources for your leadership.


Organizations employing the LEAP Tiered Coaching system attain accelerated and aligned results across the entire leadership spectrum that positively impact the culture of the organization. We resolve and leverage the people and culture dynamics that directly impact real business metrics.


94% of respondents to our client surveys indicated the LEAP Tiered Coaching program has an impact on Individual, Group/Team and Organizational Performance.


90% of respondents to our client surveys indicated the LEAP Tiered Coaching program is effective in providing tools, solutions and techniques to improve trust, communication, collaboration and leadership competencies across the organization.


94% of respondents to our client surveys indicated the LEAP Tiered Coaching program can be leveraged to improve the future health of the organization.


We would be honored to discuss how your organization can benefit from a customized LEAP Tiered Coaching Program.

Innovative Leadership International LLC

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