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Coaching is often used as an executive intervention to help executives transform their organizations, increase their impact and influence, and develop as leaders. 


Executives, managers, supervisors and team leaders find that they must guide and lead their people and projects with little or no preparation or support. In many organizations politics guide a leader’s decisions and actions more than vision or strategy. Business leaders thrive in the action-based, commitment-oriented partnership that coaching provides. Results clients have reported are listed below, and you can either scroll down for testimonials or click the Raves button above.


Here are a few client-reported examples of what ILI coaching has helped leaders achieve:


  • Team presentation coaching of the leaders of a large healthcare construction company competing for an $80 million hospital building contract, which they subsequently won.

  • Leadership team coaching for the team of scientists/program directors who co-lead a public research consortium within NIH, the success of which earned them awards.

  • Business development coaching for an executive coach who doubled his six-figure revenues after one year of coaching.

  • Team and executive coaching for the development and growth of the nationally acclaimed DuPont Legal Model, which cut outside legal expenses by 48% producing bottom-line savings in excess of $50 million.

  • Executive and leadership team coaching for the strategic design and enhanced communication between the owners and partners of a law firm.  Transformed command-control style of leadership to a collaborative, facilitative leadership model resulting in enhanced partner communication, and improving employee and partner engagement by 89%.

  • Executive coaching for leaders of a government contractor/ leadership development firm to articulate and achieve their vision and accomplish “that long-sought-after clarity” about the future growth of their business, which contributed to expanding into two new target market segments while doubling their number of associates.

  • Executive coaching for small business owner resulted in increase to his business revenues by 300%.


What our clients tell us they value:
  • An outside perspective and objective sounding board with which to strategize, think through ideas and problems in a safe environment that is external to the politics and culture of the organization they lead.

  • The clarity and focus that comes from having time to reflect wtih a thought partner, design and manage strategic relationships of influence, and see new ways of owning and driving their career trajectory.

  • Having a guide and trusted advisor to remind them of what matters most as they navigate leading in a fast-paced and complex environment.

  • Having a trusted strategic personal brain trust to help them see through new eyes and therefore generate new actions/ solutions.

  • Support in designing conversations for leading through influence.

  • Don't take our word for it! Click the ACE box below to view client results in their own words:






What can we help you to do?
  • Identify, design, and implement with ease the leadership conversations that may currently be missing.

  • Increase your leadership awareness so that you can navigate the political landscape in your organization most effectively.

  • Identify and eliminate self-imposed stressors so that you can get out of your own way and make things happen.

  • Find clarity within chaos.

  • Increase your results, recognition, and rewards.

  • Create, increase, or leverage innovation, impact, legacy, and influence.

  • Strategically manage your boss or the Board.

  • Get things done through people who don't report to you.

  • Communicate for alignment across the organization.

  • Motivate and engage others through effective collaboration.

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