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Meet the Innovative Leadership International LLC Executive Coaching Team

At Innovative Leadership International LLC, we have assembled a world-class, award-winning team of executive coaches and an expansive global network of vetted, top notch colleagues to serve the coaching needs of any size organization on any continent. We’re in business to support world-changing leaders with a socially responsible corporate mission to have a profound shift in their leadership performance, thus amplifying and accelerating their impact in the business, the world and their legacy. Our best clients are those executives and leaders who are highly intelligent and mission-driven, leading in a fast-paced, chaotic, or complex environment where the stakes are high.  Our key areas of expertise are leadership development, executive development, business development, sustainable transformation, and innovative influence. Innovative Leadership International LLC is a certified Woman-Owned Small Business.


Our aggregate professional experience spans 325+ years of coaching leaders and teams in over 1150 organizations internationally.  Between us, we have over 15 advanced degrees, have published more than 35 books, and have held leadership positions in corporations, universities, and the military.


Below are a few of the experts on the team:

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Suzi Pomerantz, MT., MCC.

Suzi is an award-winning master executive coach and international best-selling author with over 27 years of coaching experience with leaders and teams in over 250 organizations internationally across Government agencies, not-for-profit and private sector clients, including seven companies on the Fortune 100 list. Ms. Pomerantz specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, and innovative influence. She is the CEO of Innovative Leadership International LLC, and the designer of the LEAP Tiered Coaching Program. Suzi is credited with over 30 publications about coaching, ethics, and business development, and 11 books including bestselling Seal the Deal and the #1 international bestseller Ready, Aim, Captivate, co-authored with Deepak Chopra and other luminaries. She has been quoted in the Washington Post and Washington Business Journal. She serves on the Harvard Business Review‘s Advisory Council, and provides pro-bono coaching to world-changing Fellows in various programs.  Full bio can be accessed here.

Steve Gladis, Ph.D.

Steve is an executive coach, author, and speaker, is an authority on the subject of leadership. CEO of Steve Gladis Leadership Partners—a leadership development company—he is the author of 19 books on leadership and a professor at George Mason University. His company works with businesses, associations, and US government agencies, and he speaks regularly at conferences and corporate gatherings. A former faculty member and Dean at the University of Virginia, Dr. Gladis also served as an FBI special agent and was a decorated officer in the US Marine Corps. Dr. Gladis uses stories from business, Marine Corps combat and the FBI to punctuate his straightforward, clear message about leadership. His action-packed leadership journey provides a wealth of material from which to draw examples and witty anecdotes that keep audiences engaged.


He has coached leaders in over 100 organizations including Washington Gas, US Treasury, SRA International, numerous agencies in the Federal Government, The Urban Land Institute, and Prince William County. Awards include the Trustee Leadership Award, The Chairman’s Award, and The Valor Humanitarian Award.

Jackie Eiting, MSW.

Jackie creates breakthrough performance for large organizations by integrating senior executive development with business strategy implementation. She has over 30 years’ experience in transformational consulting, large-scale change, and executive development, and has worked with major corporations and not for profit organizations in the US and Europe. Prior to co-founding Alder Associates, Jackie held Partnerships in Computer Sciences Corporation’s (CSC) Transformation and Change Group and Charles Smith & Associates, a leading transformational consulting firm. Jackie also established her own consulting practice specializing in executive coaching, executive team development and leadership development. She has developed programs, events, and cultural practices to ensure the implementation of her clients’ mission and vision. Jackie has facilitated, designed, and implemented hundreds of programs, meetings and conversations bringing the art of leadership into the fabric of dozens of organization’s everyday practices.


She has coached leaders at over 70 organizations and led multi-year engagements at organizations such as Ingersoll Rand, Catalent, DuPont, General Growth Properties, PAHO, and IBM. Jackie is certified in MBTI, MSG, and Situational Leadership.

Zemira Jones

Zemira is a 30+year veteran of Radio and a former senior executive for ABC/Disney, Radio One and ESPN. He is one of the few consultants in the marketplace with first hand expertise in both traditional and new media.  His custom solutions help under-performing companies increase revenue by improving operating efficiency and performance effectiveness. He is the CEO of All American Management Group, a Media/ Marketing Consulting firm and provides best-in-breed solutions to experts, expert brands and challenged media companies. As a successful leader with a broad scope of management responsibilities with Fortune 100 companies, Zemira consistently maximized revenue and earning opportunities through effective programming, sales, marketing strategies,  as well as operational innovation and cost containment in a competitive and turbulent marketplace. He is a proven communicator and manager with refined interpersonal skills, and a results-driven professional with a career distinguished by consistent performance and innovation. He offers high-caliber cross-functional management qualifications and proven leadership talents, including a strong orientation in business development, programming management, and performance improvement. 


He has a consistent track record of turnaround successes. For example, when Zemira took over WLS it was the 2nd lowest rated station in Chicago and had negative cash-flow for the past 10 years.   Within two years he grew the revenue over 105%. Zemira’s big-picture perspective enables companies to break through ceilings of complexity to higher levels of performance. He not only brings 27 years of senior management experience, he has worked with or managed some amazing folks including Paul Harvey, Barack Obama, Dr. Laura, Suze Orman, Oprah Winfrey, Reverend Al Sharpton, Rush Limbaugh, and many others.  He was named one of the 8 Best Managers in Radio in the country as well as NewsTalk Executive of the Year, and currently serves on 5 boards, including one with Magic Johnson.

Jan Boxer, MA

Jan is an expert in the areas of leadership, team development, organizational change, and career management. In addition to personally coaching hundreds of senior leaders and their teams over the last 25 years she has been a trusted advisor to those involved in leading and communicating large-scale initiatives in high visibility/high scrutiny environments. Jan has coached hundreds of leaders in the private sector, over 50 officers in the Intelligence Community and myriad SES leaders and their teams throughout the federal system.


In addition she has worked with a large clientele of doctors, scientists and researchers who serve as individual contributors within their respective organizations. Jan was appointed to Georgetown University’s adjunct faculty where she served as a co-founder of the Advanced Certificate Program for Leadership Coaching. Similarly, as the owner of Strategic Partners, Inc., Jan leads 35+ highly experienced coaches and consultants in providing services such as organizational culture assessments, reorganization and change management consulting, leadership effectiveness surveys, expert group facilitation, strategy planning and cross-agency conferences on best practices for developing and retaining human capital.

Trish Silber, MBA

Trish is an expert in organizational development, leadership development, executive coaching, and conflict management. Trish has 25 years of experience working with organizations facing rapid changes in technology, markets, strategy, and leadership. She is known for developing inclusive processes that strengthen the leadership practices and culture of the organization while achieving the task at hand. Trish has over two decades of experience conducting customized leadership development programs for organizations. As an executive coach, Trish is able to quickly build a candid and trusting context within which executives can address their most critical challenges. Clients report that she provides potent coaching that is flexible in methodology, practical in application, and judicious in use of time.


Prior to forming Aliniad Consulting Partners, Trish was a senior partner with Catalyst Consulting Team, Inc., a national consulting firm known for its work in strategic alignment, leadership development, and experiential learning. Before joining Catalyst, she held several internal human resources positions at Apple. She was also member of the faculty of the George Washington University graduate program on leadership coaching.

Ken Kesslin, MSW

Ken is an executive coach, trainer, and facilitator, specializing in leadership development and organizational effectiveness. More than a decade of corporate experience – in finance, investment banking, sales and management – and 14 years working as a clinically trained psychotherapist has given him a unique perspective, one that allows him to help his clients integrate their business and personal goals. He is especially effective in working with leaders to think strategically and balance their focus on people and profit.


Ken is a gifted listener and trusted confidant. He helps individuals gain deep clarity about their personal purpose and then understand how that can empower their leadership.


Ken graduated Phi Beta Kappa, earned undergraduate degrees in Economics and Psychology from Stanford University, and a Masters in Social Work from New York University.  Ken co-designed and led two national coach training programs and is an adjunct professor in the Organization Development (OD) Program at Georgetown University. He has worked with leaders and executive teams in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, and he speaks fluent Portuguese.


Renee Freedman, MSEd.

Renee is an expert in designing interactive, collaborative processes in four strategic domains: to transform organizations that have divisive relationships (management and labor) into cultures of collaboration, to create large scale incubator interactions for executive leadership development and complex issue resolution, to initiate and implement coaching programs that improve leaders’ collaboration skills, and to coach rebel-thinking leaders who wish to change the status quo. She is the co-founder and managing director of the SupporTED and the Unreasonable Institute Coaching programs, matching over 300 TED and Unreasonable Fellows with world-class coaches and mentors. She’s also worked with the Sundance Institute, Columbia University Press, LA Law Library, Tucson Electric Power, and Envoy Airlines (formerly American Eagle). Renee is the lead mentor for executive coaches in the CEO Coaching program at the Institute of Generative Leadership.


Renee developed her expertise over a career spanning 30 years and 15 business sectors as a senior leader within human service, engineering, and technology organizations. Renee earned a MSEd from the University of Miami and a BS in Human Development/Psychology from the University of California, Riverside, and holds coaching certifications from the International Coach Federation, the Newfield Network, the Fielding Institute, and the Institute for Generative Leadership. Renee is an Honorary TED Fellow.

Robert C. McMillan, MBA, MS

Robert is one of the world's foremost experts on leadership transformational systems. He is an executive  coach, inspiring speaker and author, specializing in helping leaders, teams and organizations improve performance and transform into next generation leaders. He is the author of The NextGen Leader: Cutting Edge Strategies to Make You the Leader You Were Born to Be. With over two decades of Fortune 1000 executive leadership and coaching experience, leaders connect naturally with Robert and see him as a partnering catalyst to facilitate behavioral and operational change. Robert coaches high potentials and executive leaders in conflict management and resolution, influencing change and transformation, career, promotion and role transitions, effective decision making, strategic communication, relationship and stakeholder optimization, team building/collaboration, work-life balance, enhancing leadership competencies, leadership presence and branding, and navigating organizational politics.  Robert has coached executive clients at NASA Goddard, Rockwell, CareFirst,  AmeriHealth, associations, government agencies and Fortune 1000 clients.


He specializes in linking personal and team developmental performance goals to measurable organizational outcomes. He holds both an MBA and an MS in Information Technology Management from Johns Hopkins, was a C-suite executive for a health insurance company serving the President of the United States, Congress, White House Staff, and millions of Federal Employees.  He is the founder of the Next Gen Leader Institute as well as the 6G Leadership System, and has authored several books on leadership.  He earned his executive coach training and certification at Georgetown University (Institute for Transformational Leadership) and he holds a PCC credential from the International Coach Federation.


Lynnette Yount

Lynnette is an award-winning master coach, specializing in executive coaching, leadership development, organizational development and strategic planning. She is the President of Lynnette Yount Associates, Inc. (LYA), a woman-owned small business providing coaching, consultation, training and facilitation services. LYA is proud to be one of the small businesses on the GSA MOBIS Schedule. Lynnette has practiced for over 30 years primarily in the public sector, helping government organizations to become more effective and individual managers and executives to become great leaders.


Lynnette places high value on preparing leaders to effectively lead our government and has worked with senior leaders and leadership teams to create effective and sustainable results including building trust, partnerships and high performing teams; thinking, acting and leading strategically; generating performance results through conversational competence; accountability and strategic results; and increased levels of leadership, authority and responsibility. She developed one of the first structured executive coaching programs, The Federal Leader, successfully piloted and implemented in 1997 and has coached many cadres of GS 14 up to SES leaders, from virtually all Federal Departments and numerous agencies. Lynnette also won the PRISM Award.

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